"An outstanding opportunity for anybody…."

"Create Your Reel is an outstanding opportunity for anybody. Literally anybody. It doesn't matter if you have absolutely no experience whatsoever. If you just want to create a demo reel for yourself because you think you have what it takes; or you're at the level of being a professional working actor. CYR will meet your demands and probably even surpass them. The CYR Team are truly all professionals. They strive to get the best performance clip for your reel, and will not stop until you (the actor) are 100% satisfied. Create Your Reel can without a doubt meet the necessities of any actor at any level without breaking stride! If I need another reel in a hurry, I won't hesitate to use Create Your Reel. Thanks Again!"

Zachary K.

"I'm exremely happy with what I've got!…"

"If you ever think about getting a professional, wonderful demo reel – there's no better place and people to do it with than the Create Your Reel. Loved working with Steve and Kevin, thank you so much again for the wonderful directing and editing, for your professionalism."

Polina F.

"I highly recomend CYR to everyone……"

"I am very impressed with CYR's professionalism, writing ability and quality of their reels. The day of the shoot, the entire staff helped me reach my potential as an actor and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend CYR to everyone in need of a reel!"

Jason M.

"This crew is awesome!…"

"They come up with some VERY creative sets, and also work with you until you get the shot. Everyone was super nice and professional; I am very pleased with the reel and would highly recommend their services."

Hannah M.

"Absolutely fantastic group of individuals!!…"

"This company is one of the most impressive companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They have a talented team, and they worked with me from start to finish. My 4 Scene Demo has had over 43,700 views just on YouTube alone. They are and absolutely fantastic group of individuals!! I highly recommend them to anybody needing a new reel, or even if your re-branding yourself."

Brett H.

"Best experiences I have had in LA!…"

"Create Your Reel is one of the best experiences I have had since moving to LA 3 months ago. This company is the perfect combination of professionalism,creativity, and fun. I always felt like I was very informed about each step of the process from the very beginning. If I could give Create Your Reel 10 stars I would. They are amazing. Any serious actor who wants to have the combination of your creativity and the creativity of professionals in the industry needs to use create your reel. They will make you feel at home and develop a sincere connection with you to make you the best that you can be for your reel."

Phoebe A.

"I had a great experience working with the CYR…"

"I had a great experience working with the CYR team."
The team was professional and helpful from beginning to end and I was really happy with the result. They take their time with you until they know they have at least a few great takes and you receive great directions. They are very talented and hard working and you learn a lot of useful things from them. I recommend them to all my actor friends."

Marlene M.

"Love you guys forever!!!…"

"Everybody on set has one goal: To make the best scenes for you possible! The creator Kevin, Retta, the director, everybody was beyond brilliant, and their work speaks for itself; the reel they created was a huge reason for me booking FOX's Arrested Development last month. Ive been on a few high caliber productions and I will never forget the direction I received on this set. See you all soon and Love you guys forever!!!"

Raja D.

"I now have theatrical representation!!…"

"These guys are so great! Everyone at CYR was really nice, very professional, easy to work with, and best of all, seriously great at what they do! I shared my new reel with an agent, and I now have theatrical representation!!"

Candice M.

"These guys are awesome!…"

"These guys are awesome! They are so efficient and so much fun to work with. I got the finished product back 5 business days later (as promised), and I am so happy with the reel. I highly recommend them to any actor wanting to film some reel material."

Emma B.

"Flew from Atlanta and it was well worth it…"

"Absolutely the best. I flew in from Atlanta just to shoot with these guys and I it was well worth it. Professional and so helpful in getting me to put in my best performance. Never rushing and willing to shoot until we got it right. I quickly got a an agent after I was able to add reel to my submissions. Auditions are stating to come in. I can't say thank you enough. If you can, shoot with these guys."

Deidre A.

"Can't wait to start using my new reel …"

"Definitely a place I would come back to again for demo reels in the future. The whole process was neat, clean, professional, and went by very fast. The scripts they write have everything you need for the character in a concise few lines, the directors give great feedback while you're doing the takes, and everyone there is so personable and friendly when you meet them. All of them definitely know their craft–I did a daunting 4 scenes which I thought would be an arduous task, but they knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and it made me feel comfortable and at home. The time flew by. They also get a lot of your input on the final product, which is fantastic. You really feel in control of your marketing tool. I can't wait to start using my new reel and getting results!"

Bethany K.

"Absolutely BRILLIANT footage …"

"I just shot with Kevin and Co. last weekend, and in less than 7 days I have a.) absolutely BRILLIANT footage and b.) every imaginable file type an actor would need [Actor's Access, LA Casting, Youtube, DVD, etc.]! These folks really are the best in the business and I'll be going back again for sure."

Sean C.

"The whole process was easy and professional…."

"I have a great reel now, thanks to Kevin and everyone else at Create Your Reel! It was a really fun day of shooting, and the whole process was easy and professional. I couldn't be happier!"

Margie M.

"Getting rave notices from interested parties…."

"CYR did reels for both my son and daughter. Professional, fun and dedicated, pains-taking. They treat you like you are their only client. The results were fantastic. Getting rave notices from interested parties."

Jessica N.

"I now have the best agent I've ever had…"

"Create Your Reel absolutely gets a 5 star review from me. I've done three scenes with them and plan on adding a fourth. Having scenes like these of such high quality has opened up another world to me. I now have the best agent I've ever had and I'm getting more opportunities. As an actor you must have something to show for yourself and I have been nothing but satisfied with they way Create Your Reel does business and the service they provide. The results are ultimately up to you and how you use the product once its in your hands."

Cale H.

"Got exactly what I needed! …"

"I went to Create Your Reel and got exactly what I needed! The studio and crew were awesome and I recommend them highly!!"

Britni K.

"Final product far exceeded high expectations…"

"Recently used Create Your Reel for my daughter's reel. The whole experience was great from initial phone call all the way through the final edit. I had high expectations, but the final product by far exceeded them. Everyone was so competent and professional that my daughter was able to relax, enjoy the whole experience, and give some great performances that are captured on a terrific reel."

Tia V.

"I've had nothing but compliments…"

"Wow! what a great product these guys offer! So professional and genuinely really nice people. Had so much fun shooting my scenes with them and SO HAPPY with with my reel. I've had nothing but compliments and recommend their service to everyone! Keep up the great work "CREATE YOUR REEL"

Rae L.

"Cinematic look of major film…"

"Create Your Reel makes quality reels. They produce a cinematic look of major film, and prime time television. Their crew is skilled and their lighting is amazing. The director also worked with me to give the ultimate performance in each scene.
The team at Create Your Reel writes, edits, provides set design, location, an over-the-shoulder-actor, they even have a package which allows them to compress, and convert video specifically for LACasting, Actors Access, and Youtube which is compatible with other uploaders for online viewing.
When it comes to a top rate product, and a high quality reel to market yourself to the industry, definitely check out Create Your Reel!"

Annor D.

"True pros; I am 100% happy!…"

"I had my reel done by Create Your Reel on June 18th, 2011. Not only was I impressed by the way Kevin King handled my appointment, but also by the fantastic direction given by Director Steve Hosford. These two guys are true pros and they will help you get the best reels possible! From the very first phone call consultation, to the actual day of the shoot, Create Your Reel NEVER let me down! I am 100% happy!"

Michael K.

"Quality footage, extremely professional…"

"These guys were so amazing to work/shoot with! not only did i get quality footage, they were extremely professional and just good people! thanks again guys! also, cant thank kevin enough for dealing with my indecisiveness! lol..your the best kev! thanks again!!! so happy with them all around!"

Jessica R.

"The reel helped get me a new agent!…"

"This company is wonderful! From start to finish they are attentive, friendly, patient, professional, fun and just plain awesome. I had so many questions and worries and they took the time to explain anything I needed and make me feel confident and at ease. The quality of everything is top notch– from the writing to the finished product. The actual filming was truly fun! The people are all really cool. The reel helped get me a new agent! Enough said."

Kathryn M.

"Beautiful, professional and high quality…"

"Create Your Reel offers an amazing product. I was skeptical at first because we all have heard horror stories of wasted money in this business. But CYR has given me a beautiful demo reel that is both professional looking and high quality. And they are very nice people to boot! I fully intend on using them again."

Toni Y.

"Immediately started getting more call backs!…"

"The crew at CYR were very helpful and professional, they filmed both my son and daughters reels. It was refreshing to see that they really cared about the end product and that we weren't just a number to them, they took the time to understand my kids strengths and weaknesses. The end result was great, the kids immediately started getting more auditions and call backs."

Ashley W.

"I got a feature film audition…."

"I had a great time filming with CYR. I was really happy with what they did. In fact, right after it was posted on Actors Access, I got a feature film audition. The casting director called me in because of my CYR reel."

Kirk D.

"One of the most positive experiences …"

"This was by far one of the most positive experiences I have had in the industry. These guys are so professional and they don't stop until you get exactly what you need. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. It is so vital for actors to have a great reel these days and they provide that 100%. I can not say enough about them!"

Alicia K.

"Extremely professional operation…"

"The bottom line is that my agents needed me to give them a reel. I made this one, and they flipped out. I found the staff to be professional and easy to work with — I needed to have a lot of leeway with making my own scenes, and they were flexible, patient and accommodating. The end result is that I got the reel I wanted – the reel that is right for me as a performer. Far more efficient than building a reel out of less than ideal cuts from student film, etc.
Note that I paid to have an outside hair and makeup artist be on set. I would recommend that. I also had an outside director, in part to ensure my own control over the scenes. You might consider bringing your own director if you already know exactly what you want, but obviously it's not necessary…Steve does a great job with directing too. He did DP on my reel and the sets and shots were amazing.
Last note: the post prod on my reel is so great. And that's all included. You just have to wait a week after the shoot."

Robert T.

"I had the most amazing working experience!…"

"I don't know where to start. I had the most amazing working experience with everyone! They definitely proved to be AMAZING! I filmed 3 scenes and the director, Steve was great. He took his time and really made sure that I walked away with a great product. I was amazed at how each set was made, how perfect the lighting was and the overall quality of my reel. It was such a joy working with them and I would HIGHLY recommend them to EVERYONE!"

Felicia W.

"Amazing reel … gotten me a lot of praise…"

"I love this company!! I have such an amazing reel that has gotten me a lot of praise. It is important for an actor to have good quality footage of you on tape. It is also important to have on tape what is what your market is. With create your reel I was in control of the finished product and with their expertise got amazing footage out of it. What they do with the lighting and the shots is impeccable. They are a great recourse for actors and anyone needing a reel should use them."

Shauna M.

"I'd give more stars if I could…."

"I'd give more stars if I could. GREAT TEAM! Great writing, great directing, great editing. All you have to do is look at their samples to see that they are head and shoulders above the competition. It feels AMAZING to finally have reels (I shot drama and comedy) that I can feel really proud of. Can't recommend them enough! Do it. Do it now."

Ann R.

"My reel got me signed."

"Thanks again, my reel got me signed."

Michael N.

"Auditioning AGAIN for Army Wives."

"Auditioning AGAIN for Army Wives.

Chris H.

"I was just offered a movie role …"

"I used Create Your Reel for both my daughter's reel and just recently mine. Since getting her reel, my daughter has booked a series on ABC among other work. I was just offered a movie role and the director told me that my reel was one of the best he has ever seen. The quality of their lighting and set design is AMAZING!!!"

Kelly Lynn G.

"They are the first & only one on my list…"

"My experience with them was unbelievable. They really work with you more than a 100% to get what you need for your reel. I had so much fun, and recommend anybody to work these guys. If I need more on my reel, they are the first one on my list and the only one on my list."

Kommerina D.

"I HIGHLY recommend CYR!…"

"I have been trying to get some of my work in film and television for years now. I finally gave up and decided to hire CYR to fill in the gaps where I couldn't obtain my footage. I was hesitant at first, but I am thoroughly impressed with their work and my reels. From start to finish, the entire team is professional, easy to work with, down to earth and very affordable for most struggling actors. I HIGHLY recommend CYR for anyone needing their reel finished and anyone who can't seem to get that footage they were promised. Industry feedback so far has been amazing. I am VERY happy and will use their services again!"

Christy Lee H.

"The production value is awesome…"

"These guys are amazing. It is very much your reel and they will work with you to make sure you are the best you can be from the moment you sign up to getting the footage in your hand. The production value is awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!"

Henry H.

"They don't stop until you're 100% happy …"

"These guys are very professional and hand you a great product. They don't stop working until you're 100% happy with your reel. I highly recommend them."


"Exactly what I needed …"

"The team was great, helpful and very willing to work with me, the client, to help create exactly what I needed to create a fresh, new demo reel."

Dean S.

"I booked a role on "The Office" …"

"I shot my demo reel with Create Your Reel and one week later I booked a role on "The Office" that shoots for a week. Thank you for making the experience of shooting my demo so much fun. And thank you for letting me show casting directors the work I can do. It paid off.

Carolyn W.

"Wonderful experience from start to finish…."

"Create Your Reel was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Professional, organized, and really fun! I highly recommend to all actors."

Stephanie D.

"Final product was amazing…"

"I had such a great time shooting my reel! The day off went so efficiently, and the final product was amazing thanks to the great script, direction, and attitudes."

Barbara K.

"The best!"

"You guys are the best!!"

Kat N.

"Got audition & role on "All My Children"…"

"I want to thank CreateYourReel for doing such a great job on my reel. Last week I got a call from a casting agent at "All My Children" who saw my reel. The next day I auditioned and was given the role on the spot."

Eric N.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone…"

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at Create Your Reel; they were tireless, enthusiastic and I will be a returning client. Everyone who's viewed my scenes has had great comments and always asked with whom I worked. Thanks Create You Reel."

Dawn M.

"Such a great experience!…"

"Working with the folks at Create Your Reel was such a great experience! They were professional and timely, and they did a great job at capturing the types of scenes and characters that I wanted. I am very happy with my reel and so is my agent! Thanks Guys. You rock!"

Stephanie G.

"I had an awesome time! …"

"I had an awesome time! You get the professional look for your reel at a very affordable price!! I would recommend Create Your Reel to any actor that is serious about their craft!"

Adrian F.

"An enjoyable and rewarding experience…"

"This team was creative and intuitive and made filming my reels an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The end product was very satisfying. They really know what they're doing."

Justin B.

"Very professional…"

"Create Your Reel did a great job. They worked with me to come up with scenes that would show of my talents. All aspects of the videos are very professional: writing, lighting, sfx and direction. I recommend them to anyone who needs a great looking reel."

Richard V.

"I found a solution…."

"I recently moved out to Los Angeles from New York and didn't have a reel I was proud of, especially for a town like LA where you pretty much have to have video to get work. When I heard about Create YourReel from my agent and took a look at your website and prices, I knew I had found a solution. Their professionalism and friendliness convinced me to tell all my friends. I've been getting out consistently since I shot this reel. Thank you!"

Mina K.

"Been called twice to casting office…"

"I love Create Your Reel! I had some characters that I wanted to play, and specific TV shows that I wanted to target that my current reel didn't capture. So, I added these 3 scenes into my reel and I've been called in MULTIPLE TIMES to the office that cast the shows I was targeting. Coincidence? I don't think so!"

Renee P.

"Fantastic experience making my reel! …"

"I had a fantastic experience making my reel! I highly recommend Create Your Reel as everyone involved is extremely professional, providing a safe and trusting environment to work in."

Jacinta M.

"This team was creative and intuitive…"

"This team was creative and intuitive and made filming my reels an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The end product was very satisfying. They really know what they're doing."

Nate B.

"Create Your Reel is amazing! …"

"Create Your Reel is amazing! They create a fun atmosphere and help you cut your dialogue to get clips that feature you best. Their skill with lighting and camera technique make the clips look like you cut them from a network television show. Thanks, Create Your Reel!"

Jesse M.

"I had a great experience…."

"I had a great experience. The staff really had my best interests at heart and went out of their way to make sure we got it right! I was so pleased with the final outcome and so were my agents!"

Mary V.

"Just the way you want to be seen…"

"The great thing about Create Your Reel isn't the superior quality of the production team, or the spot-on dialogue they create for you. It isn't their affordable prices, or even their professional, yet fun personalities. What is great about Create Your Reel is the fact that you can showcase yourself, JUST THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE SEEN. You create the characters, you create the situations, you create the marketing tool you want, you create your reel!"

Tony R.

"Expert direction brought out my skills…"

"Create Your Reel made the entire process painless. They shot my comedy reel in a matter of hours, gave me expert direction that brought out my marketable skills, and my edited reel was ready the very next day. The production quality is wonderful and the price is very reasonable. I liked my comedy reel so much that I shot my dramatic reel shortly afterward, and similarly had a great experience."

Kris C.