Create Your Reel


We’re proud to have helped produce demo reels for over 7000 actors!

Create Your Reel was conceived with an agent’s request to get footage for all of her clients. Instead of back and forth dialogue, she believed that casting was only interested in a one-minute reel that focused on one thing: the client.

From that request, Create Your Reel was born. CYR has pioneered the now popular format they coined the “Minilogue” – 20 to 30 seconds of footage that focuses on one person without turnarounds or establishing shots.

Create Your Reel is a full time company with a professional staff who work in many aspects of the industry.

Kevin King


Kevin King began developing telecom expense management systems used globally by such financial institutions as Swiss Bank, Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers. In 2009 he co-founded, Create Your Reel, where he produced demo reels for thousands of actors.

Working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, he has developed web-based applications for actors, theatre companies and talent agencies alike.

He’s also an editor and a screenwriter and co-writer of the ABC Family Movie “Everything You Want” starring Shiri Appleby.

Currently, when he’s not working for Create Your Reel, he can barely be seen on TV, in the background, quietly creating web-based tools for TMZ.

Retta Putignano


Retta Putignano is the Co-Creator, Head Writer and Manager of Client Services. She has written over 7000 minilogues and hundreds of 2-Person Scenes for CYR clients, in addition to penning several short films and a webseries for the CYR family.

Originally from Chicago, Retta is also an actor, producer, and graduate of the Second City Chicago Conservatory. She has appeared in more than 25 short films and three features, including a film that earned the Best Drama Award from the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences (Emmys). She has been a writing mentor for 13 years with the Los Angeles-based non-profit, and her work has been published for as many years in their award-winning anthologies.

As a producer, her first feature film, Get Bossy, got distribution by Cinedigm and can be found on Amazon Prime. Retta’s production company, Multi-hyphenate Films, has produced several short films. She is currently in post production on her second feature partnering with another production company, where she can also be seen in a supporting role.

Retta is a regular contributing writer to the Experts Column in Backstage.

Michael Woloson

Director of Photography

Michael Woloson is a writer, director, and cinematographer. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was inspired early in his life by behind-the-scenes videos of films he loved like Harry Potter or Star Wars, and decided to explore the idea of making his own films. After quickly falling in love with the process of directing, shooting, and editing movies, he moved to Los Angeles pursue a career in the film industry.