Create Your Reel

Extremely professional operation!

The bottom line is that my agents needed me to give them a reel. I made this one, and they flipped out. I found the staff to be professional and easy to work with — I needed to have a lot of leeway with making my own scenes, and they were flexible, patient and accommodating. The end result is that I got the reel I wanted – the reel that is right for me as a performer. Far more efficient than building a reel out of less than ideal cuts from student film, etc.Note that I paid to have an outside hair and makeup artist be on set. I would recommend that. I also had an outside director, in part to ensure my own control over the scenes. You might consider bringing your own director if you already know exactly what you want, but obviously it’s not necessarySteve does a great job with directing too. He did DP on my reel and the sets and shots were amazing.Last note: the post prod on my reel is so great. And that’s all included. You just have to wait a week after the shoot.