Actor Demo Reel Production

Actor Demo Reel Scenes

Casting moves fast. Our goal in an actor demo reel is to showcase your talents quickly and effectively.

We accomplish this by writing, shooting and editing a type of scene that focuses on you: The Minilogue.

What is a Minilogue?

A Minilogue is the 20-30 seconds in a scene in which the camera stays on one actor. There are no cuts, no turnarounds — all of the focus and attention is on the character during a significant moment.

No one knows your casting better than you, which is why every minilogue is written specifically for you based on your original premises. Be as specific or as general as you want. Our team of writers will develop unique scenes that will prove you can play the role.

When an actor demo reel scene looks professional, there’s nothing else to focus on but you.

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