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Thank you, clients for voting us "Best Demo Reel Producer" in the Backstage Readers' Choice Poll, and making us Number One on ActorRated.

Our Testimonials

  • This was my first experience creating my own reel and I couldn't have been more pleased. I told them exactly what I wanted and they created three scenes that showcased my talents. When I felt like one of the scenes needed to be reworked, they were receptive to my ideas as well as throwing in some of their own. We filmed each scene over and over until we were ALL happy with the results. The thing that really did it for me was how comfortable they made me feel. And, my amount of auditions has increased. Worth every penny!

    Erin Neimeyer, Client
  • These guys are so great! Everyone at CYR was really nice, very professional, easy to work with, and best of all, seriously great at what they do! I shared my new reel with an agent, and I now have theatrical representation!!

    Candice Mann, Client
  • You guys are the best!!

    Kat Negrete, Client
  • The crew at CYR were very helpful and professional, they filmed both my son and daughters reels. It was refreshing to see that they really cared about the end product and that we weren't just a number to them, they took the time to understand my kids strengths and weaknesses. The end result was great, the kids immediately started getting more auditions and call backs

    Ashley Wolff, Client
  • Simply the best and beyond worth every penny. The entire staff does absolutely everything possible to make the client shine--from the technical end of things (makeup, lighting, camera placement) to the quality of direction that is given to guide you to the richest, most dynamic performance possible. They shoot efficiently and economically, yet great care is taken along every step of the way to make sure that excellence is never ever compromised. Above all, they are collaborators who want to cinematically capture your vision of your artistic self.

    joe mahon, Client
  • If you ever think about getting a professional, wonderful demo reel - there's no better place and people to do it with than the Create Your Reel. Loved working with Steve and Kevin, thank you so much again for the wonderful directing and editing, for your professionalism.

    faith godfrey, Client
  • I had a great experience, they were patient and helpful. They went the extra mile when it came to the craftsmanship of my demo reel. In my opinion, I had a great experience, they were patient and helpful. They went the extra mile when it came to the craftsmanship of my demo reel. In my opinion, my demo reel came out top knotch. Definitely recommend. Definitely recommend.

    Kingsley Uwode II, Client
  • The people at Create Your Reel provide a very professional and organized environment while making the experience relaxed and fun.

    Keevie Smith, Client
  • I have a great reel now, thanks to Kevin and everyone else at Create Your Reel! It was a really fun day of shooting, and the whole process was easy and professional. I couldn't be happier!

    Margie Mintz, Client
  • These guys were so amazing to work/shoot with! not only did i get quality footage, they were extremely professional and just good people! thanks again guys! also, cant thank kevin enough for dealing with my indecisiveness! lol..your the best kev! thanks again!!! so happy with them all around!

    Jessica Rockwell, Client
  • I am very impressed with CYR's professionalism, writing ability and quality of their reels. The day of the shoot, the entire staff helped me reach my potential as an actor and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend CYR to everyone in need of a reel!

    Jason Mitchell, Client
  • I flew to L.A. for the first time from the east coast to make my demo reel. I’m only two hours from NYC but the people here at Create Your Reel are simply the best. If you’re serious about your career and want the very best demo reel, then there’s no better choice. A worthy investment!

    Kevin Davis, Client
  • I shot my demo reel with Create Your Reel and one week later I booked a role on "The Office" that shoots for a week. Thank you for making the experience of shooting my demo so much fun. And thank you for letting me show casting directors the work I can do. It paid off.

    Carolyn Wilson, Client
  • I had a great time and felt I actually learned more in one day of shooting with Create Your Reel then in a 6-week on-camera acting class. My reel looks completely professional and, because I got to decide what was shot, it's well-targeted to the type of work I want to focus on. AND I've already booked a job straight off my reel ... ¦I didn't even have to audition.

    David McIntyre, Client
  • Ive shoot with you guys a few years again , and my reel got me tons of attention, now I'm back to update again , everyone at create your reel work so hard to make you look the best as you can .i love shooting with them !

    Laura lee Cebrick, Client
  • The bottom line is that my agents needed me to give them a reel. I made this one, and they flipped out. I found the staff to be professional and easy to work with -- I needed to have a lot of leeway with making my own scenes, and they were flexible, patient and accommodating. The end result is that I got the reel I wanted - the reel that is right for me as a performer. Far more efficient than building a reel out of less than ideal cuts from student film, etc. Note that I paid to have an outside hair and makeup artist be on set. I would recommend that. I also had an outside director, in part to ensure my own control over the scenes. You might consider bringing your own director if you already know exactly what you want, but obviously it's not necessary...Steve does a great job with directing too. He did DP on my reel and the sets and shots were amazing. Last note: the post prod on my reel is so great. And that's all included. You just have to wait a week after the shoot.

    Robert Tom, Client
  • I have been trying to get some of my work in film and television for years now. I finally gave up and decided to hire CYR to fill in the gaps where I couldn't obtain my footage. I was hesitant at first, but I am thoroughly impressed with their work and my reels. From start to finish, the entire team is professional, easy to work with, down to earth and very affordable for most struggling actors. I HIGHLY recommend CYR for anyone needing their reel finished and anyone who can't seem to get that footage they were promised. Industry feedback so far has been amazing. I am VERY happy and will use their services again!

    Christy Lee Hughes, Client
  • CYR did reels for both my son and daughter. Professional, fun and dedicated, pains-taking. They treat you like you are their only client. The results were fantastic. Getting rave notices from interested parties.

    Keith Nagel, Client
  • I don't know where to start. I had the most amazing working experience with everyone! They definitely proved to be AMAZING! I filmed 3 scenes and the director, Steve was great. He took his time and really made sure that I walked away with a great product. I was amazed at how each set was made, how perfect the lighting was and the overall quality of my reel. It was such a joy working with them and I would HIGHLY recommend them to EVERYONE!

    Felicia Walker, Client
  • I'd give more stars if I could. GREAT TEAM! Great writing, great directing, great editing. All you have to do is look at their samples to see that they are head and shoulders above the competition. It feels AMAZING to finally have reels (I shot drama and comedy) that I can feel really proud of. Can't recommend them enough! Do it. Do it now.

    Ann Reilly, Client

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