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A short, concise scene that showcases you and proves to casting you could play the role

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Thank you, clients for voting us "Best Demo Reel Producer" in the Backstage Readers' Choice Poll, and making us Number One on ActorRated.

Our Testimonials

  • This company is one of the most impressive companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They have a talented team, and they worked with me from start to finish. My 4 Scene Demo has had over 43,700 views just on YouTube alone. They are and absolutely fantastic group of individuals!! I highly recommend them to anybody needing a new reel, or even if your re-branding yourself.

    Brett Hunt, Client
  • I recently moved out to Los Angeles from New York and didn’t have a reel I was proud of, especially for a town like LA where you pretty much have to have video to get work. When I heard about Create YourReel from my agent and took a look at your website and prices, I knew I had found a solution. Their professionalism and friendliness convinced me to tell all my friends. I’ve been getting out consistently since I shot this reel. Thank you!

    Mina Kim, Client
  • And I absolutely ADORED working with everyone at CYR; they were tireless, enthusiastic and I will be a returning client. Everyone who's viewed my scenes has had great comments and always asked with whom I worked. A million Thank u's Create Your Reel!!!!

    Elias Valles, Client
  • I had my reel done by Create Your Reel on June 18th, 2011. Not only was I impressed by the way Kevin King handled my appointment, but also by the fantastic direction given by Director Steve Hosford. These two guys are true pros and they will help you get the best reels possible! From the very first phone call consultation, to the actual day of the shoot, Create Your Reel NEVER let me down! I am 100% happy!

    Michael Klemp, Client
  • The crew at CYR were very helpful and professional, they filmed both my son and daughters reels. It was refreshing to see that they really cared about the end product and that we weren't just a number to them, they took the time to understand my kids strengths and weaknesses. The end result was great, the kids immediately started getting more auditions and call backs

    Ashley Wolff, Client
  • I shot my demo reel with Create Your Reel and one week later I booked a role on "The Office" that shoots for a week. Thank you for making the experience of shooting my demo so much fun. And thank you for letting me show casting directors the work I can do. It paid off.

    Carolyn Wilson, Client
  • I had a great time filming with CYR. I was really happy with what they did. In fact, right after it was posted on Actors Access, I got a feature film audition. The casting director called me in because of my CYR reel.

    Kirk Diedrich, Client
  • The focus was on me and what I wanted. I felt very comfortable, and had a blast experimenting during the shoot to make sure we got the best possible take. Thanks to Create Your Reel, I have a professional reel that helps get me in the door.

    Brian Stanton, Client
  • Create your reel was a great experience for me. I had been trying to get my reel together for a long time now by doing unpaid shorts, but very rarely got the footage back from the director. Create you reel took the stress out of trying to get my reel together. The director and assistant director were fun but professional. I got great direction and I am very happy with the end product. I also really apprecited how quickly I recieved the files and youtube link. Great company!

    Katie Garland, Client
  • These guys were so amazing to work/shoot with! not only did i get quality footage, they were extremely professional and just good people! thanks again guys! also, cant thank kevin enough for dealing with my indecisiveness! lol..your the best kev! thanks again!!! so happy with them all around!

    Jessica Rockwell, Client
  • You have to have a reel to be taken seriously. There is no question when it comes to being considered for an audition. Thankfully, Create Your Reel knows this and is aware of the needs of the actor since they are actors themselves. They will bring out your best with professionalism and sensitivity with scenes created specifically toward what makes you shine.

    Steven J. Warner, Client
  • Create Your Reel did a fantastic job at creating sides that really fit my daughter’s personality and acting styles. The filming session was so relaxed. Everyone that worked with us was very professional and knowledgeable! Thanks, Create Your Reel!

    Skylar Cutchall, Client
  • Create Your Reel IS the solution to the need of actors without many credits to be able to compete with those that do. CDs need to see what the actor looks like on camera, with production values on a par with real TV and film. And they need to see what an actor looks like with small supporting roles - like the roles they actually have a shot at.

    Karl Hofheinz, Client
  • I had a great experience with Create Your Reel. The direction and editing were both smart and creative, often honing my ideas to give me the best scenes possible. There is no doubt that with this simple one minute reel, they've helped me put my best foot forward.

    Jake West, Client
  • These guys are very professional and hand you a great product. They don't stop working until you're 100% happy with your reel. I highly recommend them.

    AJ Castro, Client
  • Wow! what a great product these guys offer! So professional and genuinely really nice people. Had so much fun shooting my scenes with them and SO HAPPY with with my reel. I've had nothing but compliments and recommend their service to everyone! Keep up the great work "CREATE YOUR REEL"

    Rae Loomes, Client
  • Create Your Reel absolutely gets a 5 star review from me. I've done three scenes with them and plan on adding a fourth. Having scenes like these of such high quality has opened up another world to me. I now have the best agent I've ever had and I'm getting more opportunities. As an actor you must have something to show for yourself and I have been nothing but satisfied with they way Create Your Reel does business and the service they provide. The results are ultimately up to you and how you use the product once its in your hands.

    Cale Hoelzeman, Client
  • I used Create Your Reel for both my daughter's reel and just recently mine. Since getting her reel, my daughter has booked a series on ABC among other work. I was just offered a movie role and the director told me that my reel was one of the best he has ever seen. The quality of their lighting and set design is AMAZING!!!

    Kelly Gitter, Client
  • If you ever think about getting a professional, wonderful demo reel - there's no better place and people to do it with than the Create Your Reel. Loved working with Steve and Kevin, thank you so much again for the wonderful directing and editing, for your professionalism.

    faith godfrey, Client
  • CYR did reels for both my son and daughter. Professional, fun and dedicated, pains-taking. They treat you like you are their only client. The results were fantastic. Getting rave notices from interested parties.

    Keith Nagel, Client

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