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The Minilogue Defined

The Minilogue Defined

A minilogue is short monologue that occurs in film and TV when one character has 5-7 lines of dialogue.

The focus is on the one character during this time and it is all one shot. It’s usually a very pivotal part of the story in which the character is revealing an important thought or piece of information.

A minilogue is a demo reel editor’s dream scene, as it allows the viewer a good 20-30 seconds of uninterrupted coverage of the actor.

Many have tried to copy Create Your Reel’s signature minilogues, but to be an effective scene, the minilogue must:

  1. Feel as if it is truly from the middle of a scene
  2. Have a recognizable premise
  3. Be immediately clear who the character is and to whom they are speaking
  4. Be believable in why the camera would be on the actor for the entire period of time
A minilogue does NOT work if:
  1. It has a confusing premise
  2. It goes on way too long without a camera cut
  3. Another character speaks off camera
  4. The relationship between the two characters is unclear
  5. Background and/or clothing does not match situation
Create Your Reel has written over 3,000+ minilogues in the last three years. Minilogues are a time-tested success as they ensure the demo reel is 100% about you!

About the Author:

Kevin King is co-creator of Create Your Reel and the Head Editor. Kevin manages the daily business operations and is the Lead Developer of the online demo reel management system "ReelManager".