Our Team

Create Your Reel (CYR) was established in 2009 by Kevin King, Steve Hosford and Retta Putignano.

The Partners

Steve Hosford

Since it’s inception, Steve Hosford has been the sole cinematographer for every Create Your Reel scene. He has lit and framed over 2400 scenes, and develops the sets for each creation. He is a director, cinematographer, editor, Glidecam operator, actor, and writer who earned a B.A. in Cinema at San Francisco State University.

In 2008, he won Best Comedy Short at the Eugene International Film Festival for Whitebread and Goatman, a no-budget project which found him in the roles of writer, director, cinematographer, editor, composer, and actor. The film has played at nearly two dozen film festivals across the nation, and was also selected to air on cable’s IFC (Independent Film Channel) as part of its Media Lab Shorts Uploaded program. Later that same year, Steve took on the tasks of DP and Editor on Rimshot, a comedy short that garnered screenings at a number of high-profile film festivals ­– most notably the Feel Good Film Festival (at Hollywood’s famous Egyptian Theatre) and the Hollywood Film Festival, both in 2009.

Retta Putignano

Retta Putignano is the Co-Creator, Head Writer and Manager of Client Services. She has written over 2500 minilogues for CYR clients.

Originally from Chicago, Retta is also an actor, producer, and graduate of the Second City Chicago Conservatory. She has appeared in more than 20 short films and three features. One film earned the Best Drama Award from the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. She has been a writing mentor for nine years with the Los Angeles-based non-profit www.WriteGirl.org, and her work has been published for as many years in their award-winning anthologies.

Retta is a regular contributing writer to the Experts Column in Backstage.

Follow Retta on Twitter @RettaPutignano.

Kevin King

Kevin King is the Co-Creator, Head Editor and Business Manager for Create Your Reel.

Previously an application designer for the Banking industry, Kevin has applied his design skills for the industry, developing an online talent booking tool TalentManager, and most recently CYR’s proprietary ReelManager.

Kevin co-wrote and co-starred in Rimshot, an award-winning comedy short in 2009.

Kevin is a also a screenwriter, and was co-writer of the ABC Family Movie “Everything You Want” starring Shiri Appleby.