Demo Reel Tips

Media Delivery: File types

After you’ve approved your reel, we will deliver you three file formats: Actor’s Access, LA Casting, and the Web HD version.

1. Actors Access

When you submit a reel to Actors Access, the support staff will convert it into their specific format. We expedite this by giving you a file that can be used without conversion. You simply send the file to them (via a file delivery site such as and tell them the file was already formatted by Create Your Reel.

2. LA Casting

The LA Casting file, like Actors Access is used specifically for LA Casting. LA Casting has it’s own format, and also utilizes a 4:3 ratio. Since we shoot our demo reels in widescreen, we letterbox it so it’ll look nicer than having the sides of the screen chopped off. This file will also work for Casting Networks in New York.

3. Web HD

This is your file for everything else on the Internet. It’s an mp4 file, optimized for uploading. It’s full HD, but compressed to still be under the limits of most video sites.

Other formats

If you come across other formats that you need, please let me know and we’ll help you out. We’re continually keeping our pulse on the latest formats and codecs so our media delivery files will make your process of uploading your demo reel and easy as possible.


About the Author:

Kevin King is co-creator of Create Your Reel and the Head Editor. Kevin manages the daily business operations and is the Lead Developer of the online demo reel management system "ReelManager".