Demo Reel Tips

What Casting Needs from a Demo Reel

You can get a feel for our philosophy on demo reels by viewing our minilogue examples.

We believe in 20 to 30 second scenes that focus just on you, no turn-arounds, no establishing shots – they’re really not necessary these days.  You’ve  got 60 seconds to knock their socks off, so if you’re sharing the screen with someone else’s talent, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

We stay in touch with the needs of the industry, and what we continue to hear from casting, agents, and managers, is that 20-30 seconds is a perfect amount of time for them to get what it is they need from a demo reel, which, from a business standpoint, is FOUR basic things:

  1. What do you look like on camera?
  2. What do you sound like?
  3. Are you believable?
  4. And what’s your casting?

They want YOU to tell THEM what to do with you, and because casting moves so quickly these days, it just makes their job so much easier.  So that’s what we give them in a really efficient manner so they can get on with their super busy days.


About the Author:

Retta Putignano is partner and head writer of Create Your Reel (CYR), the Los Angeles-based demo reel production company, which writes, shoots, and edits custom footage for actor demo reels. Since launching in 2009, CYR has created reels for more than 800 clients. CYR was voted “Best Demo Reel Producer” by the Backstage Readers Choice Awards, and is happy to continue serving Los Angeles talent and the many actors who have flown in from all over the globe to shoot with them. Follow Create Your Reel on Facebook, Twitter @CreateYourReel, and at Originally from Chicago, Retta is also an actor, producer, and graduate of the Second City Chicago Conservatory. She has appeared in more than 20 short films and three features. One film earned the Best Drama Award from the Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. She has been a writing mentor for nine years with the Los Angeles-based non-profit, and her work has been published for as many years in their award-winning anthologies. Follow Retta on Twitter @RettaPutignano.