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Backstage Readers Poll: Best Demo Reel Producer

Backstage Readers Poll: Best Demo Reel Producer

Backstage Readers Poll

Create Your Reel was honored to be voted “Best Demo Reel Producer” in the Backstage Readers Poll.

Below is an excerpt from the Backstage column:

Kevin King, Retta Putignano, and Steve Hosford were talking to an agent friend of theirs two years ago. The agent shared that she wished she could find a way for everyone on her roster to have a demo reel. She also wanted footage that focused solely on her clients, not on the other actor or actors in the scene. “That’s something we could do,” King recalls telling the agent. Among King, Putignano, and Hosford, they had experience writing, directing, producing, and editing independent films.

–Backstage Staff

The Backstage Readers Poll continues to bring in clients, and we could never have won it without the votes of our client base. We’ve always found the Backstage Readers Poll to be an invaluable tool for finding the best resources LA has to offer, and now we’re so proud to be a part of it.

Thank you, clients for your wonderful quotes:

No credits? No problem! The Create Your Reel team takes your talent and puts it on display in scenes custom-written for you. The finished product will look like it was plucked from an Emmy Award–winning television show or the latest big-screen blockbuster…with you and your talent as the stars.

—Brian Frates

They create your perfect scene, starting by writing a customized script suited to your personal castability and performance strengths. Then they direct and shoot your scenes on customized sets. Amazing value for the money and downright great people to work with.

—Kevin B. Hartley

Fast, affordable, professional-quality reel. These pros really care about the ‘end’ product.

—Shelley Christl

You can read the entire article on Backstage.

We look forward to the Backstage Readers Poll 2012!

Backstage Readers Poll


About the Author:

Kevin King is co-creator of Create Your Reel and the Head Editor. Kevin manages the daily business operations and is the Lead Developer of the online demo reel management system "ReelManager".