Loren E. Chadima

Loren E. Chadima

Founder, Intentional Acting

Named as one of the “Best Acting Coaches in the United States” by the American Federation of Performing Artists, Loren’s passion is giving adult and child actors the necessary skills to succeed in the businesses of acting and in life.

Loren is a graduate of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women and her Award Winning film, Cries from Ramah won several Best Film categories and qualified for the 79th Academy Awards. She is also the Director of The Wiz Kidz DVD (www.TheWizKidz.com) as well as her upcoming feature debut with Justin Shilton (Little Miss Sunshine, Aviator).

"Absolutely every student has walked away from CYR happy and ecstatic with what they got. The product is fantastic and they also had a terrific learning experience."
--Loren E. Chadima

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