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Actor Reel – Shoot Day with Tiwana

Actor Reel – Shoot Day with Tiwana

Evening Session with Tiwana

You probably make a judgement call on an actor in an actor reel within the first fifteen seconds. Here’s an actor reel you can’t help but love!

Today we shot 1 scene for Tiwana’s actor demo reel. Tiwana had a consultation with us on 5/15, and was looking to create a whole new reel.

Scene #1: Celebrity Funeral Planner – Comedy-Drama

Tiwana played a Celebrity Funeral Planner in a Comedy-Drama genre. The material was written based on Tiwana premise:

Premise: Celebrity funeral planner explains the benefits of choosing a top of the line casket for a recent celebrity’s death..

Scene Script

Retta from our writing staff took the premise and wrote the following script:


The “A-List” line offers many desirable upgrades compared to our standard caskets. This “Velvet Rope” model offers a built-in state-of-the-art MP3 player so rap stars, such as your beloved Shady Rappa Sugar, can enjoy their music for up to 36 hours after burial.

Actor demo reel footage was shot at Create Your Reel Studios in North Hollywood, California.


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